The Horn Book GuideMedia and Methods 2002 Award WinnerFor every teacher, librarian, or parent who has struggled to identify just the right book to place in a particular student's hands, help has arrived with The Horn Book Guide Online.

Published each spring and fall by the Horn Book, Inc., the authoritative Horn Book Guide publishes short, critical reviews of virtually every hardcover trade book published in the United States for young people. Gathered here are more than 117,241 reviews published between 1989 and 2018!

The reviews are clear and honest, identifying strengths and weaknesses and rating the books on a scale from one to six, with a marking books receiving the highest ratings of a 1 or 2.

The Horn Book Guide Online is searchable by author, illustrator, title, subject, and bibliographic data, as well as by rating assigned the book in the original Horn Book review.

The Horn Book Guide Online is ideal for teachers building a classroom library or recommending books to students and parents; for librarians serving a school-wide community of readers and teachers; and for pre-service instructors helping new teachers understand how to match books to readers. In short, it's perfect for anyone who strives to put quality literature in the hands of young people.

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